About Constantin

Constantin (b.1993, in Romania), is a London-based contemporary artist, moving in the field of figurative and pop art. His fascination on the human form is being expressed through sublime compositions both in structure and colour.

Constantin’s art has no beginning no end and no gender, he’s art is timeless and sublime and it’s aim is to express pure joy and eternity.

Constantin is depicting reality in a way that is pushing the viewer to reconsider the values that have been set in our society, such as, amongst others, the standard idea of what is considered to be beautiful, our sexuality, religion, and social behaviour. He deconstructs the human figure and creates a dialogue between opposing ideas, by producing artworks that are “sweet” and “shocking” simultaneously,  and by exploring the gap between “reality” and “dream”.



Constantin dominantly works with the painterly grammar of abstraction and narrative, he draws his methods and painting manners from the abstract expressionists, 19th-century impressionists, and Van Gogh, in order to alchemize an alternative sensation to conceive a new a free-form of space for challenging ideas.

Upcoming & Current

To be confirmed.

Solo Exhibition

  • Digitas Brick Lane, Untitled, April, London, 2018

Group Exhibition

  • Art Number 23 , Alpha Teta, May, 2019, London
  • Espacio Gallery , Beyond Boundaries, May, London, 2019


BA Marketing, University of Roehampton, London, 2019 – 22

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100 Clements Road, SE16 4DG, Studio 48


[email protected]


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